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About Us


About us

Established  fifteen years ago, “Autologija” driving school has led to the streets and roads thousands of drivers.

Having chosen our school, you will be taught driving theory in a modern classroom where video material is demonstrated with multimedia and graphoprojectors, whereas our teaching methods are being regularly updated and revised. During the entire course you will have an access to a special training software.

In our school you will master driving by brand new vehicles, to manipulate which you will be trained by true professionals with higher education and good communication skills. We employ both male and female driving instructors.

Agitation and fear is something one usually fails to avoid when passing the examination, neverthless we have never abandoned any of our students on their own-we continue instructing and tutoring our students until they gain.

We look forward to meeting persons wishing to master driving and assure that learning to drive at “Autologija” driving school will give you sheer pleasure and self-confidence.

We are sincerely pleased to note that famous perfomers Erica Jenings and Luka. prominent journalists Andrius Kunčina, Aušra Maldeikienė, Ramunė Sotvarienė, Daiva Rinkevičiūtė, editor of Cosmopolitan Eva Tombakienė, Manager of TV channel TV 3 Vilma Marciulevičiūtė were among those who chose our school to learn driving…

  1. Drive a Ferrari!!!

    From now AUTOLOGIJA will promote students with opportunity to drive a Ferrari !!!