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A category driving courses


A category driving courses

CategoryPrice (€)Description
A1 (from 16 years)500Motorcycles, which engine capacity is bigger than 50 cm(3) but not bigger than 125 cm(3) and its power output does not exceed 11 kW.
A2 (from 18 years)520Motorcycles, which engine power output does not exceed 35kW.
A (from 24 years)550Motorcycles with sidecar or without it.
A without theory370Look at A category.
A additional lesson45The price of A category additional driving lesson.
A+B 1100Look at A and B categories.

A1 Category: Motorcycles with an engine capacity greater than 50 cm3 but not exceeding 125 cm3 and the power of which is not exeeding 11 kW.

A Category: Motorcycles with sidecar or without it.

Theory training course duration – 40 academical hours, practical driving course duration – 10 academical hours (1 academical hour is 45 minutes).

During practical driving training protective equipment is provided (helmet, knee and elbow protection etc.).
We teach to drive with these motorcycles:

A1 Category: Yamaha YBR 125

A Category: Honda CB250

A Category: Yamaha XJ

A Category without restrictions: Yamaha FZ6

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    From now AUTOLOGIJA will promote students with opportunity to drive a Ferrari !!!